Intellyo Integrations: Wordpress & Creator Engine

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Publishing together. Made easier. 😎

Wordpress has many remarkable qualities, however, choosing and adding plugins to set up a smooth editorial experience can become a real pain. In fact, the more plugins you add, the more you risk your site's security.

Creator Engine is the editor you need.

How it works

1. Sign up for a Creator Engine account and/or log in

2. Navigate to Settings on the left sidebar

3. Go to 'Integrations'

4. Connect your Wordpress site

5. Go to the 'Home' screen on the left sidebar and start writing a new article with the awesome Creator Engine editor

6. Publish from the Creator Engine by choosing your Wordpress site as the  'Primary distribution channel' at the distribution step

7. Enjoy the results! ❤️

What you need

Creator Engine account

Wordpress site or blog