Intellyo Integrations: Medium & Creator Engine

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Collaborate on your publications in real time and publish them on Medium.

Sharing drafts on Medium has been the way to collaborate with other writers. This method is great to ask for a second opinion, yet it doesn't offer the opportunity to collaborate with multiple authors in real time.

Whether you work on the same Medium story with your co-worker or explore Medium for your business - what you need is a tool to manage the editorial process.

So, we came up with a solution. 

Now you can collaborate on your articles and publish them on your Medium blog platform with one single click by using the Creator Engine.

The Intellyo Creator Engine allows you to write and publish your blog post and create the editorial workflow process on one single platform. 

Your collaborators can have access to the content that assigned to them only, giving you peace of mind about your content management system's safety. Decide who can modify or publish your Medium drafts and start creating content right away.

How Intellyo's Medium Integration works ⚙️

1. Sign up for a Creator Engine account and/or log in

2. Navigate to Settings on the left sidebar

3. Go to 'Integrations'

4. Connect your Medium account

5. Go to the 'Home' screen on the left sidebar and start writing a new article with the Creator Engine.

6. Publish from the Creator Engine by choosing your Medium blog as the  'Primary distribution channel' at the distribution step

7. Enjoy the results! ❤️

What you need to get started 🛠

  • ‍Creator Engine account
  • Medium account
  • Read our Guide to use our Medium integration
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