Intellyo Integrations: Wordpress & Creator Engine

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Manage Multiple WordPress Blogs and Articles on Intellyo.

Creating and publishing articles for multiple clients can become a real challenge if it the workflow is not properly managed.

WordPress has some plugins to assist with the content workflow management, however installing plugins for different functions can be time-consuming and risky.

The good news is that Intellyo made possible to manage and publish your content to multiple WordPress sites using just one platform: the Creator Engine.

The Creator Engine allows you to create a workspace for every project you are working on and to connect one or more WordPress sites. You can invite people to your workspace and collaborate or share the status of the project with your clients.

As an administrator you can assign roles to new guest writers and give them access to a workspace or a single piece of content.

How to Get Started

1. Sign up for a Creator Engine account and/or log in 

2. Navigate to Settings on the left sidebar

3. Go to 'Integrations'

4. Connect your WordPress site

5. Go to the 'Home' screen on the left sidebar and start writing a new article with the awesome Creator Engine editor

6. Publish from the Creator Engine by choosing your WordPress site as the  'Primary distribution channel' at the distribution step

7. Enjoy the results! ❤️

What you need 🛠

Creator Engine account

WordPress site or blog

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